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Day 2

Today is the second day of the poetry challenge with Sahil Patel, I’m really enjoying it so far. I hope I can keep going!! We’ll see.

Today’s prompt is:

Write about a thing that makes your poetry unique.

As I am new to poetry, I have not established my style yet. I am still experimenting as I honestly had no idea what poetry was all about.

I am learning from my lovely poet friends here on Medium. I am their student, whether they were aware of it or not. I watch and learn.

Many thanks to all of you for…

Thank you

Thank you for closing the doors

that are not for me to walk through

thank you for going before me

and slaying all those dragons for me

I am feeling too weak

to push them open anyhow

go ahead and lock it with a bolt

if you must

because you know me

I won’t be able to resist

giving it a push

If I’m being honest

I just get bored waiting

what will I do instead?

I thought that would

make me happy

I thought it would

set me free

yet over and over again

I am brought in a…

Start by tidying your room.

Healing is not as complex as you think. People complicate it because they don't know where to start.

What do you need?

  1. A willingness to get well
  2. New thinking
  3. Patience

If you are not happy and you know something is wrong, start by examining every area of your life.

Go like a detective and find the issues, one by one. You can’t solve every problem all at once, so look at what’s causing you the most stress or anxiety now, and start there.

For example, if you’re broke, you need to find a way to earn money. …

Day 5 — poetry challenge

Diving deep once again. Oh, Sahil Patel, what are you doing to me?! 😊

Day five of Sahil’s rollercoaster of challenges!! It wasn’t what I expected, but a good surprise all the same.

I write about such things anyway, so why not share my experiences through poetry too. The prompt is…

Write a poem about an emotion that is complicated for you.

Thank you Sahil, I appreciate you. You’re doing an awesome job leading us day by day!

Emotions are indeed complicated and difficult at times for me. So much so, that I devoted a lot of my time to working on them.

Below is an article I wrote explaining what…

A poem in the sun.

I take a seat
in the square
I take one in the sun
I don’t plan
to stay long
as I feel an appetite
coming on

It’s rather nice here
— a pleasant atmosphere
I like the mix of
old and young
and birds flying along

I’ve been to
Trafalgar Square
Time Square
and Hong Kong
yet nothing feels
quite so calm
as an afternoon
in Porto’s midday sun

I don’t feel any stress
No hustle and bustle
They know how to live here
Just put on your mask
and have no fear

The sun still shines
the children play

Day 4 — Poetry Challenge

I can’t believe it’s day four already of this poetry challenge with Sahil Patel. What an adventure!!.. a deep dive into our souls :)

Thank you, Sahil for taking us on this journey. It is good for me to explore. :)

All are welcome to join in on this poetry challenge. Sahil is happy to reach more and more writers with his challenging prompts!

Today’s prompt is…

Write about the moment when you discovered that life is no longer a fairy tale?

I had to grow up fast
I’m sorry to say
Who can get back
those childhood days?

Yet, I did have
my fairy tale
for a while
Of beauty
awe and wonder


Day 3 — Poetry Challenge

Write about that one thing that broke you from inside?

Life has taught me many lessons

and trust is one of them

No warning tag attached

Just love

and have a nice life

they said

So I did learn

the hard way

But don’t we all?

No one has it easy

We have all been hurt

let down

and thrown in the dirt

It doesn’t feel very nice

and I couldn’t find

any solid advice

Until at last

upon my knees

I pleaded

I needed that answer

and He gave it to me

Don’t put your trust in princes

Put your trust in me.

It is better to trust in…

Think your way out of boredom — don’t just numb it.

A few days ago I wrote a blog on Boredom and so now I am sharing my process with you as I walk through it.

I felt really bored. I came to Portugal as a stop-gap, I had no intentions of getting stuck here for a long time.

Don’t get me wrong, Portugal is a beautiful country and I am considering living here in the future, but it was not part of my current plan.

I got shifted here because of Covid. …

Where to go from there?

If it’s happened
You will know it
You will have crossed over
from innocence to disbelief
confusion, bewilderment, and grief

But, how could they?
you say
why would they?
Questions left unanswered

Who are you?
Who were you?
I don’t know you
Did I ever know you?
or was it all an illusion?

What was all that talk of love about?
I longed to see you
because I liked you
Was I not enough now?
Did I not fit your life anymore?

Did you think you might have to help me?
Was I slipping below the status line? …

Orla Kenny

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