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Respect yourself and spend time with the right kind of people who like you for who you are

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Today, I’ve been doing some digital decluttering. I put it off for a while, but as one of my e-mail accounts got hacked, I thought I’d use this opportunity to change passwords and tidy up my digital world.

As with all decluttering, you never know how much junk there is…

Brings peace

Image: Larm Rmah on Unsplash

You might hate it
but if it’s
out of your control
and you’ve done all
that you can do
then acceptance may
be the best choice for you.

What else can you do?
Fight it, resist it, deny it?
Even if you do those things
it will persist,
for we cannot change
what we cannot change.

Change comes
and we don’t
always like it,
but if we accept it
at least we have
something —
We have peace.

© Orla Kenny

Thank you for reading and thank you, Denise Larkin, for publishing my poem in The Lark.

Spend time with the ones who do

Image by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Some people will like you
no matter what you do
Others won’t like you
no matter what you do
Appreciate the ones who do
and don’t chase the ones who don’t.

© Orla Kenny

There are many reasons why someone won’t like you.

If you didn’t do anything to offend them, then it’s not your concern.

Be kind to all and accept that not everyone’s going to like you.

There will be people you won’t like either, but you can still treat them with kindness and respect.

Thank you for reading!

Create friendships that make you feel good.

Happy New Year!


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