Be Silly —it’s fun ☺

A poem

Órla K.
Jun 24, 2021

Please don’t expect me
to be serious all the time.
Why should I?
Because I’m a woman
all grown up
and stuff.
I can’t be like that all
the time.
It makes me weary
heavy & tired.
Will anyone pay me
to be silly
for a while?
If you follow me here
on Medium,
please don’t expect
me to be glum.
I am just human
with a wide range of
moods and
Sometimes, I just wanna
have fun.
So when I’m silly,
please don’t scroll & run
because that’s part of my writing
and I know I’m not the
only one.
Let’s be silly sometimes
and have some fun!! 😍🤩🤪



Órla K.

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