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The Narrow Gate Podcast

# Episodes 1–15

Órla K.
4 min readJan 23, 2023
Image by Chichi Onyekanne on Unsplash

I mentioned my podcast, the narrow gate in my last post, and my vision for the year ahead.

It has been on my mind to focus on healing and share more about how God healed me, and what methods I used to get a breakthrough in my life.

So far, there have been fifteen podcasts all with the same purpose — to go deeper into our relationship with the Lord.

To know God more, we need healing. It is part of the sanctification process.

But, apart from that, healing brings us peace of mind and contentment.

There is nothing worse than feeling anxious all the time. We serve God better when we feel strong and confident.

If you’d like to listen to one or more of the podcasts, I have added them below.

Some are teachings, others are testimonials and interviews.

I hope you enjoy them and find them of value…

# Episode One

# Episode Two

# Episode Three

# Episode Four

# Episode Five

# Episode Six

# Episode Seven

# Episode Eight

# Episode Nine

# Episode Ten

# Episode Eleven

# Episode Twelve

# Episode Thirteen

# Episode Fourteen

# Episode Fifteen

Thank you for reading. :)

If you are not a Christian, you are also welcome to come along on the journey. I am happy to answer any questions you have if you are asking with a genuine interest.




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